Glasshouse / MiA -Local places Global issues

As part of the Glasshouse WeDesign series, Missing in Architecture were invited to co create an event with students to address the theme: Cultural Influences

When we look behind the facades and billboards of our cities, what do the forgotten spaces tell us about the cultural influences that have shaped our society, and the voices that are missing? This event in partnership with The Mackintosh School of Architecture and Missing in Architecture will explore how to connect the community and the wider city through design and the reimagination of hidden urban space.

The live event focused on 4 themes: policy, practice, community & education through which discussions were held and documented through a Miro board and live collage. The event revealed methods of engagement and processes of capturing those missing voices, often unheard when considering place making and inclusivity. Glasshouse have written a fantastic blog, which can be found in the link below:

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