MiA – What We Do

Missing in Architecture, MiA, was established as the result of many conversations between friends and colleagues around our interests, aspirations and frustrations with architectural pedagogy and practice. MiA was founded on a train journey from London to Glasgow in June 2017, after a weekend away spent touring the London Schools of Architecture Degree Shows. This provided us with the inspiration and motivation to do something about the current status quo. With 5 hours of uninterrupted conversation, passing through Crewe and Carlisle, ideas and intentions were developed into a succinct manifesto, and a week later Missing in Architecture was launched, http://www.missinginarchitecture.net

Through MiA, we want to promote creativity and action within the profession. Essentially we are interested in filling in the missing gaps in architecture that we care about, and providing a voice for those that are often overlooked.

The way in which we work is very open and collegiate. We have been able to find a way that we can support one another through the inevitable compromises that occur when you have members with full time jobs and families to consider. We are also always questioning and reflecting on our practice, asking each other and our friends and colleagues whether we are doing the right thing. We are beginning to realise that our interests are in step with many others within the profession and within education and we have found that this leads to a constant dialogue, and a need to adjust and respect different views, both within MiA and within the wider community that we engage with.

We have developed themes within architecture to focus on. These are:

Equality + Diversity

Education + Inspiration

Identity + Practice

The Future

These themes are all interconnected and influence everything that we do in our work as both educators and architects.

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