On the Margins

Another Perspective and M.i.A evening: ‘On The Margins’

Who? Missing in Architecture and Another Perspective: Charlie Porter, Louisa McGuigan and Shemol Rahman

Where? Saramago Terrace Bar at the CCA, Glasgow

What? MiA and Another Perspective held an evening event entitled ‘On The Margins’ where we screened Chris Leslie’s brilliant short documentary film ‘The Bird Man of Red Road’ and invited discussion and drawn responses to this moving provocative piece.

When? Thursday 15th March 2018

The evening looked at how architecture can play a part both positively and negatively with regards to people on the margins of society. The ‘The Bird Man’ in Chris Leslie’s film was the last person to be living in the Red Road flats before demolition and documented his feelings and experiences at this difficult time. The film left many viewers stunned and sombre and this can be seen in some of the drawn responses. For more information on Chris Leslie please go to http://www.chrisleslie.com

Another Perspective is a student initiated project founded in response to a gap in the curriculum in architectural education.  In collaboration with M.i.A they have hosted a series of workshops that aim to give voice and platform to the perspectives that are so often unheard, missed or disregarded. These events have provided opportunities to respond to shared experiences, the responses created aimed to highlight the value in differing perspectives as a tool for design.

With thanks to the MacMag team for the photographs and their support:

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