International Women’s Day 2019: The Equal Architect

The Equal Architect symposium hosted by Missing in Architecture and the Mackintosh School of Architecture and in collaboration with Creative Scotland, Architecture and Design Scotland, GSA Sustainability Group and Glasgow Institute of Architects, GIA, aims to enhance awareness and understanding of the significance of female architects within the education system and the profession and to provoke discussions to create a more equal environment for all whilst celebrating the work of past, present and future generations of architects.

The symposium was launched by Patty Hopkins on Thursday 7th March 2019 at 5.30pm and closed on 8th March by key note speaker – Sarah Wigglesworth.

Sarah Wigglesworth
Patty Hopkins

On Friday 8th March 2019, in celebration of International Women’s Day, we had a variety of guest speakers and the recordings of presentations can be found below:

Missing in Architecture – Introduction

Jos Boys – Founder the Disordinary Architecture Project: Dr Jos Boys – The Dis-Ordinary Project

Kathy Li – co- founder of Missing in Architecture and Stage 1 Leader at Mackintosh School of Architecture: Kathy Li – Its not just about the architect

Helen Aston – PRAXISS, Manchester School of Architecture + Abigail Patel – Student at Manchester School of Architecture, students representative of RIBA North West regional council and RIBA National Council: Helen Aston + Abigail Patel – Ideas for a Feminist School of Architecture

Isabel Deakin – co-founder of MiA and Studio Tutor at Mackintosh School of Architecture: Isabel Deakin – What Rebecca Showed me…

Alisha Morenike Fisher – co-founder of Black Females in Architecture and 3.09 Design Collective: Alisha Fisher – The Real Diversity Architecture needs

Miranda Webster – co-founder of Missing in Architecture, Studio Tutor at Mackintosh School of Architecture and partner in Cameron Webster Architects: Miranda Webster – Learning Through Drawing

Dr Harriet Harriss– Researcher, lecturer Royal College of Art: Dr Harriet Harriss – Mistresses of the Architecture Academy

Conor Keappock – recent graduate at Mackintosh School of Architecture: Conor Keappock – Towards a Queer Architecture

Kirsty Lees – Studio Tutor at Mackintosh School of Architecture and partner in Tectonica Architects: Kirsty Lees- Inter|ACT 1989-2019

Nadia Malekian – recent graduate of the Mackintosh School of Architecture: Nadia Malekian – An Urban Feministo

Another Perspective – Mackintosh School of Architecture student initiated project: Louisa McGuigan – Another Perspective

Flora Samuel – University of Reading

John Thorne – Sustainability Co-ordinator for The GSA Sustainability Group: John Thorne – Designing for Positive Futures

Voices of Experience – collaborative project led by Suzanne Ewing, Jude Barber and Nicola McLachlan: Suzanne Ewing, Jude Barber & Nicola McLachlan Voices of Experience

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