International Women’s Day 2018: Another Perspective

Another Perspective and M.i.A evening: ‘Provocations on International Women’s Day’

Who? Missing in Architecture and Another Perspective: Charlie Porter, Louisa McGuigan and Shemol Rahman

Where? The Ladies Lounge, The Doublet, 74 Park Road, Glasgow

What? MiA and Another Perspective held an opening event in which we celebrated International Women’s Day, introduced ourselves and launched a series of events entitled ‘Another Perspective’. The evening was a celebration of female architects and architecture students with provocative statements and a washing line of confessions.

When? Thursday 8th March 2018

The launch of MiA and Another Perspective was centred on the celebration of women within the architecture profession and as an opportunity to hear about how the individuals both male and female, feel about the current conditions within education and practice. The Ladies Lounge at the Doublet seemed like an appropriate place to launch our evening, not only because of all the historical segregation that is steeped in its carpets but also because it’s a fantastically friendly and traditional yet untraditional Glasgow pub. The evening began with our ‘Washing Line of Confessions’ strung across the room, provocative statements strategically positioned so that anyone over 5 foot tall had no choice but to engage with them. Everyone that came was asked to respond with their own confessions and hang them up on the washing line. A selection of the gathered confessions can be seen and the fantastic turn out made all of us aware of how important it is to listen and to be heard.

Another Perspective is a student initiated project founded in response to a gap in the curriculum in architectural education.  In collaboration with M.i.A they have hosted a series of workshops that aim to give voice and platform to the perspectives that are so often unheard, missed or disregarded. These events have provided opportunities to respond to shared experiences, the responses created aimed to highlight the value in differing perspectives as a tool for design.

With thanks to the MacMag team for their photographs and support:

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Maria-Iva Koleva

Paul Smith 

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